• Cantilever Type Drum Twister

    Cantilever Type Drum Twister

  • Drum Twister Laying up machine

    Drum Twister Laying up Machine

  • Drum Twister Laying up machine

    Drum Twister Laying up Machine

  • Drum Twister for Millikken Conductor

    Drum Twister for Millikken Conductor

  • Rotating Caterpillar and Taping Head

Drum TwisterLaying Up Line

Drum Twister Line is used for laid up of power cable of low voltage sector/round and high voltage core. It can also be used for cable armouring with steel wire or screening of high/extra high voltage core using aluminium/copper wire.


  • Variable lay length can be achieved by PLC
  • Manufacture Aluminium/Copper Milliken conductor
  • It can be used for laying up pre-spiral sector cable cores
  • Traverse can be adjusted even when the bobbin is rotating
  • Pay-Off reel tension can be adjusted when the bobbin is rotating
  • The whole line is made independent by use of individual synchronized motor
  • Special purpose drum twister with inbuilt dual driven capstan for laid-up armouring of control cables

Technical Details

Model Rotating Pay-off Size (mm) Rotating Take-up Size (mm) Max Cable Dia (mm) Cater pillar Grip Length (mm) Max Rotation Speed (rpm)
VPM DT 1250/1600 1250 1600 75 1500 75
VPM DT 1600/2240 1600 2240 100 1500 60
VPM DT 2000/2600 2000 2600 100 2000 50
VPM DT 2600/3150 2600 3150 110 2000 30
VPM DT 3000/3600 3000 3600 120 2000 20
VPM DT 3000/4500 3000 4500 140 2500 20


  • Biggest Drum Twister Line in India
  • First Single Line arrangement system

  • Laid-Up
  • Screening
  • Armouring


  • Fastest Loading and Unloading Time
  • Auto Sector Correction
  • Higher Productivity
  • Minimal Down Time
  • Low Maintenance
  • Safe Operation



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