• Stranding Machine Auto Batch Loading

    Stranding Machine with Auto Batch Loading

  • Stranding Machine

    Stranding Machine

Stranding Machine

Stranding machine is used to make stranded/compacted round, sector (straight/prespiral) conductor as well as stranding of multi insulated core.

Stranding machine is manufactured in different designs as per customer’s requirement. The stranding machine is of two types, fork type and cage type, with or without batch loading.


  • Heavy duty fork type cage with self locking system
  • Motorised bobbin pintles with safety interlock
  • Auto regulated mechanical/pneumatic bobbin tension mechanism
  • Wire break detection system on each cage
  • Individual control box for each bobbin
  • Light indication for each bobbin closed
  • Visual aid for faster process

Technical Specifications

  • Cage Configuration : 19 Bobbin, 37B, 54B, 61B and 91B
  • Wire Size
    Copper : Ø 1.7 mm to Ø 4 mm
    Al Alloy : Ø 1.7 mm to Ø 4 mm
    Aluminium : Ø 2 mm to Ø 5 mm
  • Bobbin Size: Ø 500/630 – DIN 46395/46397
  • Cage Speed: 200/170/150/120/100 rpm
  • Bobbin Holding : Pintle Type
  • Pintle Actuation: Lead screw manual rotation/pneumatic cylinder/gearbox motor
  • Conductor Range: 16mm to 1000mm
  • Bobbin Loading and Unloading: Manual Single basket loading by hoist/ Auto batch Loading by hydraulic system
  • Capstan Unit: Dual Capstan up to Ø 2500 mm
  • Pay-Off and Take-Up Unit : Ø 1600 mm to Ø 4000 mm
  • Drive: DC/AC drive with common line shaft/individual cage drive with complete automation

Pre-Spiral Head

Specially designed heavy duty Pre-Spiral head used with stranding machine to manufacture pre-spiral sector shaped and highly compacted conductor of copper and aluminium. Manufacture highly compacted circular conductors with minimum ovalty and uniform dimension all along.



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